Paleo Eats in Colorado Springs

Looking for a comprehensive list of places to find Paleo options in Colorado Springs? Here’s my attempt at pulling one together. In the comments, please submit all your favorite places to eat Paleo in Colorado Springs!

NOTE: This list will constantly evolve and be updated accordingly.

eating paleo at larkburger

lettuce-wrapped beef burger from larkburger

Fast Food Places:

  • Garbanzo – get any salad or platter, skip the pita and rice, and you’ll be happily munching away on protein and veggies. Sauteed red cabbage? Pickles? Noms. 
  • Chipotle – duh. This one isn’t a surprise. Again, skip the rice, beans and burrito wrapper, and you have a smorgasbord of meat, guac and veggies to choose from.
  • Bird Dog BBQ – meat, meat, and more meat. Get your order To Go and pair it with some veggies because right now, your only veggie options are white potatoes or corn on the cob.
  • Larkburger – pick your protein with beef, chicken, turkey and tuna burger options. Order it wrapped in lettuce and pair it with a side salad. No sweet potato fry options just yet.
  • Drifters – order your burger “natural style” and it’ll arrive wrapped in lettuce.
  • Whole Foods salad bar – no matter day it is, you can always find something Paleo-friendly at the Whole Foods salad bar (OK, that sounds like a spoof rap). At the bare minimum, they always have sweet potatoes and some sort of protein.

    Whole Foods Salad Bar Paleo

    you can always find paleo goodness at whole foods

Sit-Down Restaurants:

  • Salsa Brava – both locations of SB offer a “Paleo” menu but I haven’t heard amazing things about it. Apparently they consider Paleo to be fat-free, so they cook the menu items in … water. No oils at all.
  • Crave Burger – order your burger without a bun and pay an extra $1 for sweet potato fries – or go a little more authentically paleo and get a side salad. Crave Burger has amazing post-WOD healing properties.
  • Carrabba’s – don’t judge me. Surprisingly, I was able to find some solid protein and veggie options at the Italian chain. They offer grilled meats and plenty of veggie side options. Tell them to hold the bread. You can also order the food online and get it To Go.
  • Tapateria – an entire gluten-free tapas restaurant – veggies, meat, olives? Yum.
  • Jake and Telly’s – shaved lamb? Bingo. I love their baked stuffed gyro – shaved beef wrapped around roasted veggies.
  • Any steakhouse. Guaranteed.
  • Toucano’s – a Brazilian-style steakhouse is perfect for paleo-philes. Just load up on the meat and make multiple trips to the salad bar for veggies (skip the pasta dishes and the desserts).
eating paleo at crave burger

nothing better than eating crave burger after a particularly destructive WOD


  • Omelet Parlor – eggs, meats, green chili.
  • Olive Branch – check out their skillets. Hold the white potatoes. Amazing.
  • Over Easy – hard to go wrong with eggs and bacon deliciousness.
  • King Chef

3 thoughts on “Paleo Eats in Colorado Springs

  1. Sunday brunch at the Broadmoor – smoked salmon, lox, shrimp, oysters, eggs, omelet bar, berries, roast beef, lamb. Not difficult to get your money’s worth even skipping all the pastries and desserts. And if you follow 80/20 or 90/10, there are some gluten free desserts and several itty-bitty desserts, so you can “cheat” without going too far.

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