3-Day “Eat Food” Detox

Well, we’ve made it through Thanksgiving and now we’re firmly in the throes of the holiday season. Recently, people have asked me what they can do – now – to mitigate the damage from Thanksgiving (the booze, the sugars, the starches!) and prepare for the smorgasbord of Christmas. Why not try a little mini-detox?

A number of my friends and colleagues have put themselves through various detox procedures. Although they varied widely, the one thing that all of them had in common was the lack of real food. Sure, there is the lemon juice/cayenne pepper detox, the juicing detox, the fasting detox … I don’t know about you, but I need food to survive. Real food. Food that I need to chew, rather than simply gulp down.

So instead of giving up food, I give you the Three-Day “Eat Food” Detox.


Choose a three-day time frame that will allow you to succeed. That means don’t try to do this when you have a work holiday party. Instead, choose three boring, innocuous, anti-social days when you know you won’t be tempted. I also recommend not working out strenuously over these three days. Why? Detoxing is enough work for your body, and you don’t want the added stress of exercise. Yoga, walking, swimming, jogging are all OK. Crushing it in the weight room? Maybe not so much. (It’s only three days, people!)

You only need to make each recipe – breakfast, lunch and dinner – once. They’re sized to be made in “big batches,” so all you have to do is reheat, re-blend, or re-mix the items on each of the three days. You’ll have the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the cleanse (you can change it up with our six fun snacks), but three days of clean eating “will help your body focus on detoxing, rather than on breaking down complex foods,” according to Whole Living magazine.

While on the detox, skip your morning coffee and evening beer or glass of wine. Both caffeine and alcohol overwork the liver, the organ we’re aiming to support here. Choose water and herbal tea instead. It’s only three days. You can do it.

Choose two snacks off the snack list to have each day, in addition to your three regular meals. And drink plenty of water!


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